Sunday, November 18, 2007

Obligitory Update Q4 2007

Just an update I guess, since its been a while since I posted.
  • I got a Nintendo Wii.
  • I got a Facebook.
  • I will be finishing my album soon, and hopefully publishing it somewhere. (I am currently looking at Magnatune (Internet Record Label), and TuneCore (Service to publish on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, ect)
  • I quit smoking for about a month, then started again on a stressful day. :/
  • Hikari Radio was acquired by Radio EX2
  • I am finally using for something,besides just redirects (although those are still there). I also changed my email address, but you know me and "backwards compatibility", therefore all of my old ones still work.
  • I sold Oblivion for PS3 on eBay, since I never played it. Then I baught Folklore for $60 and Enchanted Arms for $20. I feel the prices were reversed because Folklore bored me and I sold it on eBay, whereas I still have Enchanted Arms.
  • I got a Visa Credit Card.
  • My ISP still sucks ass, just 10% less since they downgraded our modem package (caps are still broken), and changed the modem's internal frequency channel (better connection)
  • I got rkuchiki on YouTube back, along with all of my videos. Therefore old videos that didn't work in this LiveJournal before should now work again.
  • I'm slowing learning Japanese using The Rosetta Stone.
  • We (Mom and I) are having Thanksgiving dinner alone this year.
  • I once again promise to try to update this more often.
  • I once again will probably not update soon, since I always forget to. >.>