Saturday, November 18, 2006


^.^ I've been developing a bunch of stuff for kawaii-radio. I don't know. Creative urges ^.^

You can download it here if you want.

As for the icon, my ISP keeps losing packets. I'm going to tell them when we go to pay the bill to get out here and fix their crappy lines.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Playstation 3

So, the PS3 comes out in 4 days. And I cant get one for 2 months :(

Man, I want one so bad. It can run linux and has access to all 7 cores. Just imagine the possiblities. That and Final Fantasy 13. I haven't played 12 yet, and probably won't be able to until I buy it along with my PS3, since I don't even have a PS2.

I been working on designing stuff, keeps my minid off things.

Check out .. I've also been designing stuff for kawaii-radio.

Anyway, take care, thanks for reading. I'll tr to update more often, since I'm not on YouTube anymore, hehe.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

World of Warcraft is still a feeling

Been playing World of Warcraft again. I started a little after the Youtube drama, to help get my mind off things. This time I seem addicted since I made a few friends on it, and realize how polite the Blizzard staff are.

For those of you wondering, I play Mantia on Cenarius. I also have an alt, Manta, on the same server, but I barely log in as him. He is mainly for creating stuff to make $ lol. Both of my characters on Cenarius are in the Alliance.

When I'm not on Cenarius, which is rare, I am on Earthen Ring as Mantros (Horde). At the time of this post, Cenarius is down for extended maintainence, so I will be on Earthen Ring today.

Any of my friends reading this who do not have World of Warcraft, and would like to try it for free for 10 days, let me know. Blizzards now offers a "Recruit-a-Friend" option, where I can send you a 10 day trial key, as well as a link to download the client.