Friday, January 14, 2011

How to convert your FFX NTSC Save to FFX International

It is quite easy to convert your save over from Final Fantasy X NTSC (and likely others). You need a way to launch uLaunchELF.

  1. Play Final Fantasy X International far enough until the first save point.
  2. Save in the same slot number as your Final Fantasy X NTSC Save (1-99, so if your FFX NTSC save is 98, you need to save in slot 98)
  3. Reset PS2
  4. Launch uLaunchElf
  5. Enter the File Browser
  6. Navigate to the memory card with Final Fantasy X NTSC on it.
  7. Press L1 then LEFT (D-PAD) then SQUARE then TRIANGLE
  8. This should sort your saves by name. Find "FF10 [##] XXXXXXXXXX" and enter the directory.
  9. This is your FFX NTSC Save. Highlight the BASLUS file and press R1 then choose Copy
  10. Back out to the root of your memory card. Find "FF10 _____ [##] XXXXXXXX" folder and enter the folder with the same ## as the first folder you entered.
  11. Paste the file.
  12. Take note of the BISLPS filename in it's entirety. Now delete this file, and rename the BASLUS file to exactly what the BISLPS filename was, including replacing BASLUS with BISLPS.
  1. Now your save is ready to load. Load up Final Fantasy X International. Your save will load up in Japanese, but we'll fix that.
  2. Load up your save.
  3. Press TRIANGLE to access the menu
  4. Press UP (D-PAD) twice, so that the next-to-last item in the menu is highlighted. Select it with CIRCLE.
  5. Press up once (or twice if the last menu is active). The second from the bottom menu should be chosen, press LEFT (D-PAD) once. Hurray! English!
There seems to be no way to switch the button O and X back to US. If I am wrong let me know :P

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