Monday, March 19, 2007


I should post more often. Heh. Hmm, I last posted about a month ago so I'm not doing too bad, it wasn't 3 months.

Anyway yesterday XP finally died. I spent about 12 hours installing Gentoo just to get pissed off at it and grab a HP recovery disc. Apparently it was the Vista disc. Oh well, Vista isn't too bad this time around with 2gb of ram.

In other news, I got my PS2 modded, and I got a PS3.
And a Zune.

No, I'm not rich, far from it. In fact, the last hurrah, the PS3, actually set us back some, but it was my birthday, and as mom said "fuck it, you only live once".

Oh, and I didn't get the video card I was going to get in the previous post. In fact, I didn't get any video card. I don't game enough of my computer to care really. I did get the RAM though.

Um, can't think of anything else. So, see you next time I remember I have a blog, hehe.

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