Monday, July 23, 2012

Guide to Zefie's Skyrocket Setup

I've got a pretty slick custom setup on my Samsung Skyrocket SGH-I727. It involves flashing multiple zips in recovery to achieve the setup. This serves as a guide.

Required Files:
If you are coming from another ROM that is not CM9, Wipe everything (system, data, cache).
If you are upgrading CM9, including NIGHTLYs, just wipe system.

Install files in this order, each time you upgrade CM9:
  • CM9 Main ROM
  • Google Apps
  • InstigatorX Kernel
  • Governor Script
  • Beats Audio Mod
  • Font Mod
Note: As of this post, RockoDev offers v7.02 of Beats Audio Mod, however I had issues with popping and clicking from this version, so I suggest v6.27.

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