Monday, November 9, 2009

Google Checkout: Followup

Okay, so I trashed the new account after not getting any response from Google. So I logged my old account back into my phone, and go to redownload my apps. No-go, apparently I need to buy them again, despite buying them just 4 days prior. See, it seems not only are downloads locked to your account, but to your device, because I had to swap out my HTC Hero for a new one (dead pixel), it seems that I'm not allowed to download what I paid for.

Good going Google. And there are no options to explain this to Google, because replying to the email gets you nowhere, and there is no comment forms or anything on Google's Support Site. It is as if they know every little problem that will happen, and you can only report those, or they just don't give a crap about screwing people out of money.

Either way I'm still pissed at Google, and I am considering switching to a BlackBerry because of this. Why bother with an OS and Market by a company who wants to lose a customer over $15.

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