Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazon Marketplace and APO

When selling on the Amazon Marketplace, I guess you need to charge extra for the item. Because if a buyer buys your item and has an APO Military Address, you do not get any extra credit for shipment.

I sent Amazon a letter regarding the charges. We’ll see what they say in response.

In my letter to Amazon, I wrote:

The Amazon Marketplace charged the buyer $5.49 for shipping, however due to the fact this was an APO address, the cheapest option available was $12.70. Why does the Amazon Marketplace not adjust the shipping charges accordingly for the pricey APO shipments? How can I get the difference?

Amazon’s Response:

Because your buyer selected standard shipping, you received $4.49 + $0.50 per pound for your shipping credit. This resulted in a total shipping credit in the amount of $5.49.

When you create a listing, the shipping credit you will receive is displayed on the last page of the listing process. It is also included in the e-mail listing confirmation that we send when you create a listing. If the allowed shipping credit will not be sufficient to cover the actual cost of shipping the item, we encourage you to keep that in mind when pricing your item.

My response:

While I understand your pricing scheme, the problem is with just APO. I seen the $5.49 shipping credit when I listed the item. This was sufficient for most addresses. When I’m listing an item, there is no way for me to know if it will be an APO purchase or not. Most sites classify APO as International, and credit the user as such. Amazon should incorporate some way to credit the user for an APO shipment, because it is not the same price as a standard shipment to the continental US.

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