Friday, October 30, 2009

Minor Accident

I was involved in a minor accident this morning. I was going down Military Road, which is 2 lanes. Someone was trying to make a left turn from Lillian, which is actually illegal (no left turn). Anyway, I was in the outer most lane (Military has 2 lanes on each side, then a center turn lane). I seen the truck approaching me and I just reacted by swerving into the center lane.
There was a State Trooper behind me and a City Cop parked at the bank who both witnessed it. I pulled into the bank parking lot, as did the offender. We both got out and looked at our vehicles, as well as each others, but neither of us saw anything on my car. We seen some minor scuffing on his truck, but he was not worried about it. So when the cop asked, we chose not to file a report.
However, upon arriving at Wal-Mart, my initial destination, I realized there was some minor damage. Thinking back, perhaps I should have filed a report. Maybe I still will if I can, after I talk to Nannette and Kent about it.
Here are pictures of the damage.

What do you think? What would you have done, or what would you do at this point?

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