Friday, October 30, 2009

Seagate Firmware Issue

Well, I managed to get a drive from Amazon Warehouse, that was poorly packed in only the bumpers, with no other packaging or even an anti-static bag. It arrived and shows up as 0MB when you add it to a computer.
I called Seagate regarding the matter and told them everything, including how I found online that there are others with this issue, how Amazon Warehouse means it was used, Amazon’s poor packing, ect. They gone and set up an RMA where I have to mail it in at my expense, but they will replace it.
I was kinda hoping for a free advance RMA (normally $19.99), due to the firmware issue, but they swear up and down that this drive is not affected. They said this drive was manufactured in March 2008, and that the drives that have the issue were all from the same plant, and was around September 2008. So, I didn’t get a free RMA, but I have gotten one none-the-less.
The only problem is, since Amazon did not send it in an anti-static bag, is that I need to obtain one, since Seagate requires me to send them the drive in one.
I guess the moral of this story is do NOT buy computer hardware from Amazon Warehouse (aka “Warehouse Deals” on Amazon).

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