Friday, October 16, 2009

Server Downtime

I’m not quite sure what the problem is with my server, sometimes it just powers itself off for no reason. It is not the board, even though the CPU isn’t supported, when I used it as a desktop, it ran for 2 weeks+ straight.

I’m thinking it is the power supply but not sure exactly what. It seems the connection for the power cable to the PSU is a bit loose, so it could be that it is just being shifted out randomly by the forces that be.

Either way, the server cannot recover itself due to the unsupported processor (E7400 on the G965 chipset). The processor works, but only at half speed, and requires one to press F1 to boot the server from the BIOS. I’ll try to get another board, but the problem is the case, its HP and as such it does not like to have a board besides theirs. The way the tray is designed prevents you from attaching a cooling device to the board when its another board.

I’ll figure something out. It is pretty stable until I start rummaging through the wires back there, so I guess if I just push it in every once in a while it won’t “pop” back out.

Anyway, all should be fine now. :)

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