Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Companies and Consumers - Apple Followup

If you read my post, Companies and Consumers - The Global Screwover, you noticed I mentioned an issue with iTunes.

Well, as I said I was waiting for Apple to respond. They responded with a support link with things to try, none of which worked. I just deleted the tracks and forgot about the issue, when a day later, Apple followed up with me to make sure it worked.

When I explained that it did not work, and that I just deleted the 2 songs, since it was only 2 songs, the Apple support representative was quick to respond, and issued me 2 free song credits on my current account.

The other companies I mentioned in that post need to learn from Apple. This is how you keep your customers happy. I didn't expect anything at all, and I didn't really care about the two songs in question, but Apple made sure to make things right by giving me two free song credits, which they did not have to do.

Thank you, Apple.

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