Monday, April 25, 2011

Low Point in Life

I'm at a depressing low point in life.

I have no motivation to do anything, no will, no goal. not even a will to live. What's the point? I don't know what to do with my life or what the point would be. Meh. I barely have the will to post this but hell no one will read it anyway.


  1. man up tell that shit to fuck off and move on ive been there

  2. we all support you zephie, im sure we all have our ups and downs. i repsect that you you need time off. im sure your getting it worst than most of us, but i personally enjoy cm7 better than aosp, we NNEEDDDD you!

  3. Im new to this Blog, and i love your blog profile by the way ^^ ITS AWESOME >w< Anyways, i agree with you, im in that point in life as well where i believe that there is no point in moving on. But, thats no fun to stay moping around and thinking about the past, just cheer up and try to do something. If you are currently going through some issues, i understand, its hard to deal with it, but time heals all wounds, don't worry, keep your chin up, and stay optimistic k ;D