Friday, April 15, 2011

Companies and Consumers - The Global Screwover

Maybe it is just me.. I mean, I look around and see all these companies "screwing me over"...

Sprint and the Premier program downgrade.. If I have to wait 22 months, I may as well wait 2 more and switch carriers. Maybe one with a decent phone.

GameStop and the Xbox Kinect. They sell it as a SYSTEM not an ACCESSORY, so don't buy your KINECT from GameStop if you have doubts about your playarea working with it, because you will lose $75. Just get it at Walmart.

eBay and moronic sellers... There is a previous note about this.

Apple and the iTunes error. No clue what this is about, I have two m4p files that refuse to play. When I try to play them, iTunes prompts me to login to my OLD account. When I do, it says my computer is already authorized, but it still doesn't work. Each time I attempt to play it, it goes in a loop of the above. --- To be fair on this one, I am still awaiting a response from Apple. So this is mainly an attack on DRM and not Apple.

Sony and the DRM. Sony's new model with the PSPgo was to remove the ability for the customer to sell something they rightfully paid for. It is our constitutional right and here Sony is allowed to take it away. No longer can you buy and sell used games for the PSPgo, and never will you for the PSP2. And lets not forget suing Geohot for attempting to restore an advertised feature that Sony removed.

So, is it just me? Is my negative outlook attracting all this corporate failure?

Or has society stumped to a level where it is okay to screw the little guy, so long as you are the big guy with the fat wallet?

Because in the end, if I was a billionaire, instead of screwing me over, these companies would be kissing my ass for my business. And you know it.

So why it is that corporations think that all that matters is getting NEW customers, and not keeping EXISTING customers happy? Do they prefer an unstable revolving door of new->existing->pissed->gone customers? Why not just treat your loyal customers and fans with respect? This is aimed at Sprint. I loved Sprint, I even referred people to Sprint after they stopped giving you referral rewards. Sprint was awesome. However, I heard in the past they were shitty. So this got me to thinking.. Apparently Sprint just started treating existing customers good enough to get the word out, so that they could hook new customers. Once they did, their profits went up, and the little guys who helped them get there (the loyal customers) are no longer important.

WHY? Who thinks of these things?

Edit: Apple responded to my iTunes issue, read about it here.

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